Informing Debt Collectors of Change of address... does it delay your debt going to statute barred?

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    You're in debt, no plans to return to the UK, use a service to get your post and want things to default with the long-term aim of them being statute barred so you don't have to pay them.

    If your previous address(es), when you took the finance out, are not friends / family addresses, the next thing to do is weigh up the risk:
    - of any court action,
    - research to see if any of the providers / debt agencies have a history of issuing court proceedings and enforcing them in your new country,
    - whether returning to the UK to live would happen due to splitting up or change of family members health etc,
    - if there's any impact on new life / job due to having a CCJ / creditor bankruptcy in a 'foreign' country;
    - anything else to think of / research while undertaking the above risk assessment.

    It's not as if border control stop / arrest people for having a CCJ etc when entering the UK.

    It's not the answer to your question, or thought process, but why even give it a second thought? Move on with your new life, if everything stacks up.
    Yes indeed, this is exactly my line of thinking! And having weighed up all of the above, I am indeed intending to do just that. My life is here now and I have zero intention of returning to the UK. 
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