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critical illness cover/life insurance/ or both? and how?



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    dunstonh said:
    My insurance application via an IFA was declined by Aviva however a whole of market protection broker got the decision reversed. This wasn't about being able to compare but leveraging the brokers access to the underwriters and experience of how to frame things.
    The IFA should have been on the phone to the underwriter as the protection adviser did.      Either laziness or inexperience.

    This highlights the point about a jack of all trades.  Most IFAs (individuals) do very little protection work and that lack of knowledge means a protection adviser (who could be working out of an IFA firm) is often the better option.
    I suspect the former, it was irritating as he was recommended by the largest charity that support people with my medical condition and so had assumed he'd have experience and know who would generally offer best terms but instead got the decline and asked if I wanted to get him to try someone else or not as its likely the reinsurers declining it so probably get the same result from others. 

    In the end it appears it was a poor report from the GP that caused the issue as when that was replaced with a letter from the consultant and another appointment with an insurer appointed expert got offered terms with minimal loading. 
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