Lantern / QDR - Statute barred question.

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Hello all,

I've recently received a couple of letters for 3 old payday loans going back to around 2010-2013 consolidated into one balance, the first letter is from Lantern telling me they've been trying to get in touch to understand my circumstances but have failed to do so and are now referring my account to their "carefully selected external partner, QDR solicitors, to continue contacting me by phone/email/letter and that I should contact them within 7 days to discuss my options".  I received one letter from Lantern about 2 years ago and was certain they were statute barred back then.

The next letter sent 2 days later is from QDR letting me know they have been instructed to act for Lantern in recovery of the balance, they have a breakdown (6 references, 3 vendor names and their individual balances) with a load of other info about contacting them.

There is nothing threatening or mention of anything to do with the courts in either letter, I've poured over the forum for both companies and it seems the right course of action would be a prove it letter, is it worth sending that at this stage?, or go straight to the statute barred letter?, or even reply at all?

One thing to note, I've not paid / acknowledged any of the debts since before 2014 .

Any advice would be appreciated, just looking to be crystal clear before I act, Thanks for reading.


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    If nothing is showing on your credit files in relation to these debts, and you haven`t paid or acknowledged them in writing since before 2014, then its fairly safe to assume they are statute barred.

    Of course its likely Lantern will be also be aware of this fact, and are hoping the threat of solicitors becoming involved, spurs you into action, and provokes a monetary response from you.

    You have two potential angles to fight this from, as the accounts were consolidated, they won`t be able to provide copies of credit agreements etc, as no evidence will exist of such accounts ever being taken out, or, you can go the statute barred route.

    I would go straight in with the statute barred letter personally, or if you fancy some fun, go with the provit letter, its your choice.
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