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Requesting flexible working hours in my new job.



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    What do you do during the 6 weeks or even Easter now. Who looks after your child? 
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    It depends - he is only moving departments within the same company.  There may have been no need for him to actually issue formal notice to the employer, as he isn't leaving.
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    I think I'm alone in not seeing the problem.

    You are looking to a promotion which would prevent your taking your child to school most days.
    Your wife has a job which is working from home (so perhaps not that far from the school) and would need to get him there before 9 am.  So she'd be back at home close to normal business start times and perhaps these are not critical if she is able to take time in the middle of the afternoon to collect them now.

    The question is, "how does the boy get to and from school, who is available to accompany him?"

    Answer: a parent takes the child and the one available is the mother.

    It's not about who earns the most and sharing child care: it's about the practical task of getting the child to and from school.
    Great for now. But she's pregnant. It's also about dealing with that. 

    @Carrot007 makes the most sense in all of this thread. 
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