Complex forms!

Hi All, 

Please excuse me sounding like I'm completely clueless...I am!

We moved into a new build with 15 solar panels installed about 5 years ago. 

Woohoo! Savings...even earnings...hmmm...

It's just the paperwork. I KEEP going back to it, but it's sooooo complex. I have asked BG for some help...nope, not willing. I feel like you need to be an engineer to be able to fill them in!

Does anyone know where there might be a "dummies guide", or someone able to help, and if we get back pay at all?

Thanks all! 


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    Welcome to the forum!
    You're already making savings. The bit you're missing out on iis earnings.
    What exactly do you already have in terms of paperwork and registration? What form(s) are you struggling with?
    When you moved in you should have been given an MCS certificate and your system should have been registered with your DNO. It should also have been registered for FITs (a relatively lucrative scheme that pays you for generation as well as export). All of this should have been done by the installer/builder with minimal participation from you.
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    Do you mean you are the first owner of the property but you have been struggling with the paperwork for your solar panels for the last 5 years?  If so, you could have joined the Feed-in Tariff scheme - but it's too late now.    
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