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has anybody been through the remo process lately?
I have been searching loads of posts and different forums and they all date back quite a way.

does anyone know if it is still necessary to get an order from the magistrates court first? the gov website says "If the other parent does live in a REMO country, contact your nearest Maintenance Enforcement Business Centre (MEBC). They’ll send you an application form." with no mention of the magistrates.
reason i am asking is i called my local magistrates court today and they had literally no idea what i was talking about.

i have completed the initial enquiry form for the Maintenance Enforcement Business Centre but they have made it clear that is is not an application form.


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    Put everything in writing, you must be dealing with Bury St Edmunds.

    it use to be the local courts, county court as the REMO website states to visit, sent me to the Magistrates and then back to CC for 5yrs 11mths.

    For such a simple procedure when you find someone who knows what they are talking about.
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