Cadbury thinks 3 educational cards are a toy, do you?

We bought 2 Freddo Treasures as we have a number of times, at the encouragement of our 4 year old. Got them home and she and her older sister opened them. Older sister got a penguin like figure to add to the collect while younger daughter got 3 cards with facts about planets, which she can't really comprehend, quickly discards and asks where her toy is. The box says "Discover a surprise toy!" on the top. From a trade descriptions view point, I don't believe some educational cards (although worthy) are a toy, and I'd imagine most 4 year old's wouldn't, however is it just semantics?

I contacted Cadbury who replied saying "Along with the Freddo Friends toy figurines, one of the inserts for the Freddo Treasures range is ‘Space Cards’". I responded that cards were not a toy two weeks ago and they haven't got back to me and clearly never will.

What do you think? Are three small facts cards a toy?

See also where there is also reference to ""Crack it open to discover delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate buttons and a great surprise toy too!"

Thanks for your thoughts! 

Cadbury thinks 3 educational cards are a toy, do you? 23 votes

Yes, 3 cards are clearly a toy
carlybargainbettypowerful_Roguemac.dkfmk3lvc[Deleted User]GingerTimmaisie_catjon81ukSkintoapAnnieB2018Emmia4justice2 14 votes
No, 3 cards are not an obvious toy
sammyjammymummy2monstersNBLondonMurphybearVatesArchie_Duke2childmum2newretireeOzzig 9 votes


  • maisie_cat
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    Yes, 3 cards are clearly a toy
    Books and card games are toys assuming that they are defined as things that children play with.
  • Thanks Maisie_cat, appreciate you replying and your view point. Just for clarity, I woudnt say you get a card game here, you get 3 cards with facts about planets. 

    Thanks again
  • mac.d
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    Yes, 3 cards are clearly a toy
    Think there's some kids who will be disappointed with the cards, but equally there will be some who think cards with space facts are much better than a wee plastic figurine. Both are cheap 'toys' along with the jigsaw & map/stickers, and are pretty much what I'd expect in a cheap packet of kids choc.
  • tacpot12
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    I don't disagree with the previous comments that the cards are toys, but I do think Cadbury's have made a mistake here in not putting the same sort of toy in all the packets. It think some children will be disappointed, and this is almost certainly not what Cadbury's intended, so they should change what they are doing. 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
  • Really appreciate everyone taking the time to reply and your thoughts on this. It's interesting hearing different view points. 

    Made me think, how do you define a toy, and found the following useful:
  • sammyjammy
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    No, 3 cards are not an obvious toy
    I think its age dependant as well, looking at the packaging I would say this is aimed at toddlers most of whom cannot read!
    "You've been reading SOS when it's just your clock reading 5:05 "
  • k3lvc
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    Yes, 3 cards are clearly a toy
    @whatimeslunch I'd be preparing your child for future disappointment given the future direction of the world - the 80's/90's heyday of small plastic 'toys' in Kinder Eggs etc has been curtailed by a mix of 'nanny state' (pieces of plastic may kill little Johnny) and restrictions on promotion/advertising to Kids in order to reduce sales of foods High in Fat, Sugar & Salt. TBH I'm surprised you still got a plastic toy in one of the boxes as educational toys/games from materials other than plastic.

    If you need a prime example of future direction look at how McD's Happy Meals have 'evolved' over the last 10-15yrs
  • Good points re the appropriateness of the contents for the age and expectations around a toy. 

    As you're maybe aware k31vc in 2020 McDonalds moved to a 'Book or a Toy'
    (Suggesting they don't think a book is a toy!).
    McDonalds recent toys have either been soft toys (mainly made by Ty) or cardboard animals that you assemble. The latter have probably been environmentally better and they are an object you can play with, so Id think there is little disputing they are a toy IMO, even if they arent played with for long.

    Thanks again for comments.
  • Laura0866
    Laura0866 Posts: 14 Forumite
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    Absolutely not
  • NBLondon
    NBLondon Posts: 5,526 Forumite
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    No, 3 cards are not an obvious toy
    The word "toy" suggests a physical plaything so I'm voting No.  If it just said "Surprise" then the Space Facts cards would be OK.
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