Storing cauliflower and broccoli tip

A tip for storing fresh cauliflower and broccoli was recently shared with me. I have found it successful and thought I would share. It may not be new  to anyone else but it was to me.

Treat them both a flowers. Cut off a short section of the stalk and stand in water in the fridge. Change the water every so often and check to ensure the stalk is still submerged in water just as you would any flower.

Sorry if everyone else knows but I have found it very useful in extending the storage life.


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    Salad leaves, green beans and grapes last longer if they are wrapped in damp kitchen roll and kept in the crisper drawer. But grapes and tomatoes should be eaten at room temperature for maximum flavour.
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    Did have one tip for iceberg lettuce which we have used at home for several months or so - if you cut it up and wrap it in aluminium foil then put it in the fridge it stays much fresher for longer - we've bought lettuce on a Sunday and it is still quite fresh on the Friday.
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    I wrap in foil and store in my fridge Cabbage, Celery, broccoli etc and the cucumber when I have cut the top bit off I always cover the top open bit with a bit of foil Apples I store in my veg box in the fridge and they keep for ages 
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    Keep spring onions in a glass of water in the fridge (leave the roots on) and work from the top down.  The tender green shoots at the top can be snipped into omelettes or egg mayonnaise, then use the thicker stalk sliced and sprinkled over salad and finally the white bulb part is good sliced for a stir fry.  
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