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I moved into my new build home 5 years ago. Until last year, I didn't realise I could appeal the council tax banding, so missed the opportunity to appeal the band. I did check other houses on the estate, out the 15 houses the same as mine, 4 were Band D and the rest Band C. I appealed on this basis, due to not having 1991 prices available. It was rejected as I did not have floor plans which showed the houses were the same (not sure how I'd get those to be honest - I did ask Bellway but they refused). I was wondering if anyone had a successful outcome on this and how they managed when they didn't have 1991 prices? I've found similar properties in the area and their prices, but given the request for floor plans on the other homes in my estate, I'm wary whether they would accept this? Any help much appreciated!


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    The VOA should actually have all the details of the houses themselves. Did you not get a site plan of the estate which shows the different house types, when you purchased the house? If so submit a copy. Also do use the info on the other houses in the area especially if they are Band C.

    You may find plans of the house types on your council's planning application website
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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