Question on CCJ/BR on credit file

I used this forum frequently when declared bankrupt 6 years ago, it was of huge assistance, it feels a bit weird to be back!

My 6 years is up later in the year, however i also have a CCJ..this PREDATES the bankruptcy by a couple of months, but it still has an amount next to it, i.e not listed as settled- it went into my bankruptcy so i assumed it would have been along with all the other debts but for some reason hasn’t - does this matter? I.e does it just drop away after 6 years whether technically settled or not? If so that’s fine as its dated a couple of months before the bankruptcy

second question, do i need to do anything at the 6 year point, with the credit agencies, give them a nudge etc, or does it all happen automatically, and if so how long does it tend to take to actually see they are gone? (This refers to the bankruptcy and the CCJ)

Many many thanks, great to see i actually recognise a couple of the old names on the forum! 


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    If the debt with the judgement went into your bankruptcy, then it will drop off your file after 6 years as per normal.

    The balance is no longer owed, but there is no way to mark a CCJ included in bankruptcy, as been settled, so although the debt is extinguished, it will still show as pending until the entry goes for good.

    Look on the Debt Camel website under "credit file clean up" that will tell you all you need to know, at the six year point they should all vanish automatically anyway, this is usually done after discharge.
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    Great thanks
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