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Thank you AC55 Whisky tasting packs

carol2712carol2712 Forumite
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Thank you AC55 on a roll with your posts have just received a WEM for your post https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6332897/e-14-02-win-one-of-100-fantastic-live-at-home-whisky-tasting-packs must admit I almost sent it to delete as nothing in the title looked like a win so maybe I need to open up my email fully.

Thank you for all your posts and to all who post thank you and good luck. 
Jan. £10 WOW streaming, Feb £10, 28 days collagen, Games, VAR headset, Mar, Games Headset, Whisky tasting pack, Amazon Fire Stick, Apr, £10, Bio-Kult,Mad Max, May DVD, Book,£5, Garden box, Apple watch, June £200, £30 July £25 Uber eats, Tamagotchi, £5 Aug DVD x2 £10 Sep Colouring set, £5, Oct £5, £17.73 Nov Book, £5, Sweater, Tequila, Cranberry juice, Dec £5, 2023 Jan £5,


  • okane_ga_naiokane_ga_nai Forumite
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    Thank you  AC55 I've received a winning email also. The title of the email is marketing - Whisky At Home Pack and as carol2712 has said not an obvious WEM. They are offering a 100 tasting packs as prizes so hopefully some more lucky winners on here. 
  • Deb2008Deb2008 Forumite
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    Well done :)
    2011 & 2012 - Many Fantastic Prizes - thank you to all posters 2021 7 small prizes 2022 1 small clever pots win2023
  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    Slèinte! 🥃🥃
    I’m a Senior Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on the Competition Time, Site Feedback and Marriage, Relationships and Families boards. If you need any help on these boards, do let me know. Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any posts you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button, or by emailing [email protected] All views are my own and not the official line of Money Saving Expert.
  • tigger462tigger462 Forumite
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    I got the same email today too! 
    Back to Comping 2022!
    Jan 22: Lawn Feed/Vegetable Seeds, Uncle Ben's Rice, Sculpted by Aimee Mascara
    Feb 22: Rainbow Lab & Nature Lab kits, Decode 3-in-1 Makeup Remover, Furthermoore early proof copy, a Furthermoor chocolate bar and a gold foil print, Hollywood Bowl VIP Pass for 6, Drinkmate, World Book Day Book.
    March 22: Kindle EBook, Whiskey at Home set, Motorpoint Rugby Ball, Shame of Life Cards (IWin), Jameson Set.
    August 22: Years supply CeraVe Products
  • Iggy1313Iggy1313 Forumite
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    Ooooo another round of winners, as a lot had WEMS for this a couple of weeks ago, I’m still not one though hahaha… but big congratulations to all winners! Whoop!
    back to comping after a 2 year break!! Mission… to win a gift for all my family for Christmas!
  • MintyBMintyB Forumite
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    Congratulations :)
  • libra10libra10 Forumite
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    Well done 
  • merseymersey Forumite
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    Well done 😄😄
  • Samjade97Samjade97 Forumite
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    well done   
    April 22 - £120 voucher for the Feel Amazing App
    May 22 - £25 Uber Eats voucher
    June 22 - Cricket set, mini Football, 2 VIP tickets to Balance festival
    July 22 - 4 Pack Sharpie Pens, 2 Tickets for George Ezra
    Jan 23 - Resuable Cup, Tote Bag, Irish Liquor, X Box series S 
  • BigboytysonBigboytyson Forumite
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    Well done xxx
    💖💖Love Comping,💖💖 In it to Win it.💖💖
    💖💖If I don't win its not the end of the world,theres always another one to enter💖💖
    💖💖Always be happy and congratulate those that do win💖💖
    💖💖Always Thank the original poster where's possible,💖💖 Thank you's goes along way💖💖 Good Luck Everyone💖💖
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