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Hi Folks! 

Our spring mattress needs replacing - I'd quite like a foam one - I was looking at SIMBA ones but I seem to crop up with a few bad reviews.

Does anyone have a simba mattress and can give me some info? Or is there another mattress we should be looking at?! 

Many thanks! 
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    I would check out Ikea mattresses. They are usually well reviewed and they do both foam and spring ones. Personally, I found foam mattresses made me feel too hot and I prefer something firmer. It looks like Ikea are phasing out their old range, but I've always had their Hovag mattress and they last well.

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    Simba, Eve, Emma, Otty...  there's quite a lot about.

    Most will do a few months or even a year of "trial" so you could trial all of them out and send the ones back you don't want.  Be careful, apparently many of the companies will delay the collection until it goes over the time allowed.  Pay by credit card and they should be able to reclaim the payment.

    I don't really recommend the Otty one though.
    It's okay and seemed good in the beginning but a few years later (where we are now) and it's still firm but never really truly been comfortable on it.  I should have sent it back but thought it needed a bit of time to bed in.
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    ..+1 for Emma, great mattress and good prices if you can hang on for one of their sales (33% off)...
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