Simple click intense ways to earn these days?

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Looking for something to occupy me on days off.

- I used to have a list of 20+ 'daily click' - holiday search offers on cashback sites at one point. They've dried up now
- Used to devote a couple of hours a day doing surveys, still do a little bit but they're tedious.
- Have done 'faucets' used to use coinpot, faucethub. Liked this but they're gone now. Is there a modern central-hub type faucet site going these days? The type where one can spam many faucets and cashout?

Co-worker of mine, he says he goes down a list of betting sites each day, gets random free bets, spins, scratchcards type things. He reckons he makes £3 or so a day on average but don't know if it's bogus? Not talking about matched betting (which I have done). Thought I might log in all my old accounts, go through them, see if this is true.

Or something new I haven't thought of?Just looking for super-simple 'farming' type things I can do to occupy me. Work nightshifts and staying in nocturnal mode.


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    I’ve just started doing the betting sites thing. I’m absolutely clueless so there may have been better ways to go about it but I’ll explain what I’ve done. 

    1. I joined the ohmygosh website and used their links to join up with different betting companies (Coral, Mr Green, Ladbrookes, Foxy Bingo etc). You get cash back for these but do have to make deposits on most (for example the Mr Green one requires a minimum £10 deposit but you get 100 free spins and the amount you deposit is matched plus you get £25 cashback). 

    2. Make sure you follow all the instructions to ensure the cashback tracks - I’m still waiting for a couple of mine to do so and I’m not entirely sure I’ve done everything correctly.

    3. Most of them require you to play through all the money you’ve deposited in order to be eligible for the cashback so do that. If you win anything that seems worth cashing out then do that, otherwise have fun playing until you’ve run out of your deposit. I won £64 randomly on a game I had no clue How to play (I think I had a large stake because I didn’t understand how to reduce it) so I cashed that out and has it in my account in a couple of days. For that site you got £17.50 cashback but had to deposit £5 so my total profit was £76.50.

    4. Install the apps for each and there’s usually some free game available each day. Play these and hope you win enough to play one of the other games and then go from there. Cash out whenever you feel it’s worth stopping.

    5. You’ll have to wait a while for your cashback so there is an initial outlay. I’ve only been on the ohmydosh site for a few days and already have £45 cashback confirmed (but not yet payable)

    I’ve made a commitment to not deposit any more money and just play the free games. I’m not really expecting to make anything from them but they’re a bit of fun. I guess there’s always the possibility of getting lucky on it. 

    As I said above I’m all a bit clueless so I’d love to hear other people’s ideas. 
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    Have you had a look at Swagbucks? You can avoid surveys and do searches, daily polls, play the games and the videos if they work.

    there is a really good thread on here and enter swag codes. Its not great money but if you are at work and getting paid anyway it isn’t so bad.
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