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Hi does anyone know when there are likely discounts on Amazon kids + subscription?

in a nutshell, wanted to renew subscription for daughters’ kindle fires. Was advised to wait until the end of our subscription but by this point the price had gone from £14.99 to £49.99!!!! Does anyone know if the fee is discounted regularity? Right now there is very little our daughters can do on their tablets but it is such a big difference price wise.

Wish I had just bought at the time but I didn’t realise it was a special offer price :(

Thanks so much  


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    It’s probably the same as Prime, rarely discounted now they have you. 
    I have been a Prime member for years and never been offered a discount for it. 

    I can’t see £49.99 anywhere though so not sure why they have told you that?

    I did notice though that it’s £1.99 a month per single child or £49 a year for 4, is it possible to share with another family member who has kids? (‘assuming you don’t have 4) 

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    Thanks so much for response. It’s the annual rather than monthly price option. Really appreciate your help thank you 
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