Solar panels and pigeons -WARNING

Please consider the huge problems feral pigeons can cause when you install solar panels.
All was fine for the first few years and then they arrived, our roof, patio, garden and gutters were an absolute mess and the noise from them scratching the roof and the 'dawn chorus' disturbed our sleep.  We couldn't open the windows because of the smell and the noise.  They very quickly multiplied and new nests were built. 
We then spent hundreds of pounds to have spikes installed around the panels to stop the pigeons getting under them.  We thought that would be the end of them but unfortunately they still sit on the roof and roost between the chimney breast and the solar panels.  The problems isn't as bad but it is still there and so annoying after installing the spikes.
I have posted this because knowing what I do now, there is no way I'd have had solar panels installed and I wish someone had warned me. Possibly if spikes are installed from the outset this might prevent the problem.


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