Getting a default date changed after being sold on

Morning all,

I wondered if i could pick your brains for advice on what i may be able to get done for my default.

I entered into a DMP with step change in April 2020. I had 4 creditors that all accepted it and removed interest and charges. One of them defaulted me within 3 months (mid July 2020) which is completely expected and fine. Another creditor sold their debt on and that firm then defaulted me in Aug 2021. The original owner of the debt didn't default me at all. 

I found a thread when i was browsing and others have been successful in getting defaults moved to the 3-6 month ICO rule/guidelines.
I have used the debt camel page to fire off an email to the new company but i wonder will they just say something along the lines of 

"we can't back date a default because we weren't the owner of the debt in the 3-6 months after lower payments" or something like that. Contacting the original owner of the debt who's sold it on surely can't add a default on when they no longer own the debt? I realise i am guessing here but i want to get my head around what i will probably be facing (a brick wall i suspect).

Kind regards




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    You're right - others have had success in getting default dates altered like this, so you may do also. I believe I'm correct in saying that because that 3 - 6 months IS just a guideline though, they're not under an obligation to agree. However many do because they know they are supposed to act reasonably. 

    I'd suggest sitting tight and seeing what comes of your email - and trying not to catastrophise about worst case scenarios. If they DO refuse, post back in this thread again with what they've said and those with expertise in that area will be able to advise.  
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    Thank you for the reply and taking the time  @EssexHebridean

    I'll post back when they do. 

    Kind regards 
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