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Sons dads wife is an accountant and falsifying books.

in Child support
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Cardo19Cardo19 Forumite
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Hi my son is 20 years old next month, so this is how long it’s been with csa and then child maintenance.. at first he dodged jobs every time they caught up with him, he’s now married to an accountant and she is doing his books and made up a limited company in her name.. could she get in trouble for doing this.. Unfortunately I know his wife is ill informed about the whole situation, so I don’t blame her, she has no kids herself, but surely a women would have some kind of empathy to another women struggling to bring her son up on her own.. thanks in advance 😊


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    bargainbettybargainbetty Forumite
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    If the company is properly established and his role in it is documented correctly, then no, she won't get in trouble. As an accountant, I would expect her to know how to set it up correctly, so allegations of falsifying books are probably uncalled for (and possibly libellous). 

    Her empathy is not your problem. She is not responsible to you or your son, and since you admit that she is not aware of the full situation, it is unreasonable to think she has been given any version of it that makes her husband the bad guy.... 

    I'm sorry it isn't what you want to hear, but you don't have a claim on her. 
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  • maisie_catmaisie_cat Forumite
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    I you believe that a CCAB qualified accountant is falsifying accounts you could report them to their professional body. Unfortunately anybody can call themselves an "accountant" without being qualified, so she might not be.
    You need to be sure though as there are many ways to both configure a company and report "income" for whatever purpose.
    Working tax credits had a flaw in that people could set up a company and choose to pay themselves peanuts in order to claim. Now, quite rightly anything that is controlled is taken into account for UC, not sure about child maintenance though.
  • Cardo19Cardo19 Forumite
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    Thank you 😊 
  • Twixty3Twixty3 Forumite
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    Does your CMS end next month when your son turns 20?

    Presumably they have been married longer than a week and dated before that and this has been happening for at least  while so why do it now?   

    You can do as you like,  I have no opinion either way,  but reporting earlier, if you are correct, may have resulted in more CMS.  

  • diego_94diego_94 Forumite
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    What evidence do you have that she is doing this? You cant throw accusations around without having any evidence. 
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