Withdrawing from university in the first term - repayment of tuition loan (25%)

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For various reasons I quit university in the first term.  I’d started the course late and felt I’d missed too much work to be able to catch up . I actually only attended 1 lecture before realising things weren’t going to work out.  Having withdrawn in the first term I am liable for 25% of the annual tuition fees - currently around £3000 which is increasing with interest set at 4.4%.  My dilemma is do I pay this off in full (I’d have to get a bank loan to do so) or do I let this debt run and wait until I’m earning over the £27500 threshold then pay the 9%/year?  SLC have put the fear of god in me having this loan and it’s causing me anxiety knowing it’s hanging over me.
Please could anyone advise what the best move would be… get a bank loan and just pay it off or wait years until I eventually earn over the £27K marker.  I’m only 18 and currently working part time in a low paid job.
Thanks in advance


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