Ever made your own posh chocolates?

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I got so many great responses to the do you make your own booze? thread. I wonder how many of you have also tried making your own chocolates?

MSE Rhiannon sometimes makes her own 'Fortnum & Mason-style' vegan truffles with cocoa powder, coconut milk etc, and a strange secret ingredient: ketchup. I'd love to hear about other experiences and even recipes.


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    My ex-husband made 600 chocolates for my son & daughter-in-law's wedding in 2016... 200 each of white, milk & dark truffles coated in tempered chocolate,  including a batch of 10 of each that were vegan / dairy free. 

    The recipe is very simple using just Elmlea double and melted chocolate and they last longer than the usual 2-3 days when made with fresh cream.
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    I have done so in the past for Christmas presents, using value dark chocolate ( usually had a higher cocoa percentage than big brands). 
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    Christmas pudding truffles, nom nom
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    I've made Nigella Lawson's Christmas Pudding Truffles.  Can't remember which cookbook they're from but assume it's her Christmas one.  They were lovely. 

    Every couple of years I make Sloe Gin Truffles from a recipe from the now defunct website:  www.sloe.biz. It uses the flesh from sloes that have been macerating in gin for four months, so start by making sloe gin.  Once the sloes have been strained from the gin, strip the flesh off them and freeze it until you're ready to make the truffles.  

    At Easter each year, I make Coconut Rough and give that out instead of Easter eggs.  Much nicer and much better value for money.

    - Pip (both recipes are on my blog but we aren't allowed to link to those.)
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    I used to make them every Christmas but I haven't for the past 2 years. To be honest it feels like an indulgence beyond given that things are getting so difficult
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    The last time I tried to make my own Easter egg, it was a disaster as I hadn't tempered the chocolate. I have successfully made Danish oat and chocolate truffles (from the Waitrose magazine) and they are really lovely - and keep incredibly well, though I did have to up the amount of alcohol in them by quite a lot (from 1 tsp to 2 tbsp for half the amount)

    Managed to make enough from half the ingredients to provide 3 adults with presents, and still have quite a lot left over. 

    Very similar to this one:


    only the sugar was 150g icing sugar and it included whisky or orange juice

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