Spotted any examples of Valentine's price inflation?

Have you seen heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that cost more than larger standard boxes of the same kind of chocolate?

Have you spotted Valentine's themed bouquets of flowers that cost more than their everyday counterparts?

I'm after any examples of items costing more simply because they've been branded with hearts etc.

Thank you,

MSE Laura F


  • 15 roses costs £5 at work. Have them all red, wrapped in heart pattern/red wrapping - £10.

  • MSE_Kelvin
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    Hipster pizza place near my gaff - regular margherita £8.50, heart-shaped margherita (which looks a bit smaller to me) £9.

    As if I'm not capable of eating a regular pizza into a heart shape myself, you shysters!
  • What is romantic about a heart-shaped pizza?  :confused:

    Call me middle-aged and jaded, but everything labelled with the word "Valentine" is immediately followed in my mind by the word "con".
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
  • Noticed in Lidl the strawberries in the heart shaped punnet are about 40p per kilo more than the strawberries in the standard punnet. That works out to be about 6% more
  • Grumpy_chap
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    I purchased my wife 24 red roses this afternoon for £12, so that's 50 pence per rose which did not seem unreasonable.

    I think I missed a trick, though, by giving her all the roses.  I should have given her 12 roses and then sold the other 12 tomorrow for £3 each. :D<3o:)
  • MSE_Laura_F
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    Valentine inflation returns for 2023.

    Spotted in Saino's:

    Standard milk Lindor, 337g = £8 (£2.37 per 100g). Currently on promo for £6.50 (£1.93 per 100g)
    Heart-shaped box milk Lindor, 200g = £6 (£3 per 100g)
  • MrsStepford
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    Taittinger NV champagne 75cl is 31.99 at Morrisons and Waitrose but £40 at Ocado !
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