Should I pay a full years Council Tax?

Hi, any advice would be great. 
I was privately renting for just over 5 years and paying council tax via 10 monthly instalments for the full year. 
I moved into my mortgaged home in December and told my existing Council as my new address fell into a new local authority area. 
I moved on 10th December so had paid my usual monthly payment but they have since asked for a further monthly payment. 
This means I have paid a full years Council Tax for a property I’ve not lived in for 4 months of the tax year. 
Is this right? 
I presume they will have asked the new renter to pay from the date they have moved in so possibly getting two lots of tax for one property. This is only a presumption. 
Any advice or experience would be great thanks. 


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    If you've paid a full year but moved out then you will be due a refund. Did you contact the council to tell them when you were no longer liable
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    As you were renting, your liability for CT will depend on the terms of your tenancy, your liability may not end when you vacate.
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    I did tell them I was moving home and out of the area so they were informed around 3 weeks before I moved when we got the confirmation date. 

    My renting contract was on a monthly rolling basis where I was liable for paying CTax whilst I was a tenant. 

    I’ll will contact them again

    thank you for your advice 
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    My council never told me when I was due a refund... I had to apply for it. Theyre quick to take it and slow to give it back! 

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