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Hi, just wanted to ask a question please 🙂  June 2020 I went online to go through a Company to reclaim any monies from our bank for PBA. Only heard from them a handful of times, so early January 2022 decided to go to the bank myself. If I am due any monies would the Company be within their rights to take their percentage? Bearing in mind the time scale and that they did not do anything. Many thanks 😊 


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    If the firm has a Letter of Authority and a contract with you, then yes you will have to pay them

    Do note, you do not "reclaim" PBA fees, you complain you were miss-sold and they look at your evidence. It is possible the bank received the complaint, rejected it and the firm ignored it or passed it onto the FOS, or even the bank agreed and paid out. You would need to speak to the bank to confirm if they have had any contact and keep in mind if they do, they will usually tell the claims firm regardless.

    Keep in mind that most PBA complaints fail, many are time barred anyway and they are not considered widely miss-sold so don't expect anything and you may get lucky

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    Many thanks for your reply 😊
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