Christmas Waste of Money

I was interested by the subject of Christmas wrapping paper. In this ecological times and with the climate crisis in many people's minds it is of a course a nonsense that we spend money on Christmas wrapping paper, lot's of time carefully wrapping up presents (well I do anyway because I hopeless at it!) and then it's all ripped off in seconds and tossed aside. 
However, it's Christmas and seeing the joy, anticipation and excitement as the kids I can see why we all still use it. But here are some thoughts from a cost conscious Scot and ecologist.
If you can buy your wrapping paper in January or at the end of December - it is invariably has at last 50% off and often 90%. 
Don't buy the really expensive high quality thick paper. It often harder to wrap with and as I said earlier it is just ripped apart and binned in seconds. No one ever said thank you for the really lovely wrapping!
Definitely don't buy the paper with glitter on or metallic paper - for 2 good reasons:
1) It is not recyclable
2)The giver and receiver of the presents end up with loads of glitter on the furniture and carpets. Loads of extra hoovering and waste of electric (ecology again!)

Top Tips: 
1) If you've received large presents that are wrapped in paper - try and remove it gently -you will probably be able to reuse some of it. 
2) Why not use those very nice re-useable carrier bags. All you have to do is attach a new tag each year. I haven't needed to buy these for year now because I have so many of them - I re-use them each year and end up with a load more for the next year.
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