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Making own cranberry sauce

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  • Last week I made 4 generously sized portions of cranberry sauce for Christmas. I kept one in a jar in the fridge for about 5 days, with the other three portions I put them in small food storage boxes and placed them in the freezer. They will keep for an age in the freezer and if you make up smallish portions they will defrost in a jiffy, or alternatively defrost in a microwave.
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    Yes, it defo freezes. My cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner has been in the freezer for nearly a month after I found bags of cheap cranberries on the local market. Pack into small freezer containers and it should be fine.
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    So am I ok to decant some now into boxes for the freezer? And how long should the rest of it last in the fridge (if we don't eat it all first)?
  • Yep, it'll be fine but I'd portion it into small pots enought for one or two servings so once they've been defrosted they're used straight away.

    The stuff in the fridge now should be fine for a couple of weeks from the day it was made. Next time you make it put it into hot sterilised jam jars while it's still bubbling and seal straight away - it'll keep in the cupboard just like jam and should be good (in the fridge) for a month after opening. Put a pretty label on each jar and you have some presents for Christmas next year :D
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    thriftlady wrote: »
    Stew cranberries with a spoonful of water or orange juice and sugar to taste. Easy peasy :)

    I thought you had to add port & this has always put me off as I didn't want to buy a bottle of port just for cranberry sauce.
  • Feel inspired now. Like the idea of preserving in jars, as freezer space tight. So found this recipe and might give it a go:

    Great reviews, just need to get organised now!:)
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