Replacement H.View psu needed

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I have a H.View Poe NVR with 4 cameras installed about my home.

Yesterday i was trying to check the footage and i could not connect from my pc.

The NVR was blinking on/off at the ethernet ports and on the front display.

I took the NVR apart and checked inside and would not boot up.

The last resort was the psu that goes into the back of the unit. It states that it is 15v but i plugged a 12v from a HDD caddy and it booted up and records ok.

The details on the old psu are HK75-15-5000    input :100-240vac, 50/60Hz, 0.5A  and OUTPUT: 15v 5000ma

Has anybody got any idea of where i can get a replacement from as i am not keen on using the HDD caddy psu for too long.

I have tried H.View direct but they just wanted me to buy a new NVR.

Thank you.


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