Transfer mortgage to 0% credit card??

All the advice I've read has warned against using a credit card to pay your mortgage but 
I have really low monthly payments and only 16 months left to pay of mortgage (£4200).
Deal has run out so I'm on the standard rate 4.49%.
In order to get a new deal with current provider (Accord) I would need to extend mortgage term to 26 months and pay a fee.
So I thought it would be better to pay off mortgage with my credit card then transfer the balance to a 0% card.
I've been approved for a card that has no transfer fees and 21 months interest free (Sainsbury's).
Problem is I've read mortgage providers won't accept credit card payments.. does this still apply if your settling your mortgage? Is there any way round it that doesn't involve paying a fee??

Many thanks in advance ☺️


  • * if you're settling your mortgage
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    Hi Eileend,
    not sure if mortgage co will accept cc payment. Could you put your household expenses on the 0% cc (as far as possible) and then use the cash to overpay the mortgage over a shorter time frame? 
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  • I did this for the last portion of my mortgage, but you're right that most mortgage providers won't accept credit card payments.
    The way I got round it was to use a credit card that offers a 0% cash advance, which pays the money into your bank account - you can then use this to pay off the mortgage.  If the Sainsburys card will do this with no (or low) fee then that's the best option, otherwise you would need to do a cash advance from another card, then balance transfer from that card to the 0% card.
    Hope that makes sense!  It saved me a good few hundred £££ in interest doing this for the last couple of years!
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  • Thanks for the reply violet blue, will definitely look into that! 🤔😄
  • Powers powers thank you, I will give this some thought too.. 🤷🏼‍♀️😄👍 
  • I agree with "put all your daily expenses on 0% spending card" and save the cash up over the next 16 months to pay off the mortgage. That relies on you being able to save the money and also do something about the credit card balance that has built up in that time. Shouldn't be too hard to get another 0% balance transfer with no transfer fee if you're lucky!
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