Finding which courier a website is going to use while you can back out of making the order

Most areas people have couriers that are good and couriers who are bad.

Unfortunately most of the time they only tell you which courier they are going to use after you've purchased the item. This was brought home to me after ordering from Next and finding they are going to use MyHermes to deliver the parcel, who really aren't good at delivering here.

So far I've been waiting 2 evenings for the clothing and the delivery attempt photo's GPS showed they were over a mile away on each attempt. Am not confident about tonight's final attempt before sending back to Next and them issuing a full refund.

So please can you start a campaign that they tell you the shipping costs and courier on the last chance to back out page on websites to stop these kind of problems from happening.


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    I have to say that there are couriers that I prefer to be used, eg DHL rather than DHL Express, but its more to do with where their depot is for collection or where drop off points are for returns rather than which are good or bad... in central London where we live they are all fairly poor and we dont have "regular drivers" being in such a large urban area there are too many of them.

    How would you propose this works for companies that use multiple different couriers depending on parcel size, location and other factors etc? How would you deal with the cases where the company books with A but A then subcontracts to B?

    PS, this section is to help you build up momentum for your own campaign rather than suggesting campaigns others should start.
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    By the time you are on the last chance to backout page where they show you all the details, they would know your address, what you've ordered etc and should be able to work out which courier they use for your order.

    Was proposing that you have it mentioned eg Shipping with DPD £7.99 on this page rather than the thanks for your order page at which point the sale has been agreed. That way you can see it and decide not to buy if the courier is problematic.
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