Sneaky Greek yogurt change

Fage Total Greek strained yogurt was the real made in Greece deal. Other strained yogurts had to be called Greek-style yogurt.

This week, I noticed that the Fage Total yogurt I would buy (the full fat one) had been renamed on some supermarket websites, as 'natural Greek recipe strained yogurt'. Ichecked out the product photos and the additional info and looked at other varieties. 

Fage lists an address in Luxembourg as their manufacturing base and on some of the websites, the milk used to make the yogurt is stated as milk from the EU. 

Milk from the EU. manufactured to a Greek recipe, in Luxembourg is NOT Greek yogurt..The price hasn't been lowered however.

You're not paying more for a Greek yogurt, but for the Fage Total brand. 

You can now buy Yeo Valley organic Greek-style yogurt from Somerset, 450g for 1.65  or less, instead of the non Greek Fage at 2.75 for 500g. 

I don't know whether this is Brexit-related and whether EU member states are getting Greek yogurt. Or whether it's a supply issue (not enough cows in Greece ?)  and Greek yogurt is being reserved for Greeks. 

I just think it's really sneaky.

I'll be buying the Yeo Valley organic Greek style yogurt  in future and saving £1.10 per pot. That's a saving for us of £57.20 over a year. 



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