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I have a property in Germany and live in the uk. 
Does anyone know if it’s possible to realise equity or borrow against this property from the UK?



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    I asked the same sort of question a while back when a friend (who lives in Germany) was wanting a loan. They discovered that it was not going to happen as to get a secured loan you need an entry in the German equivalent of the land registry, and UK banks are very unlikely to do this especially now that Brexit has happened which would make enforcement a lot harder if you did not pay.
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    I would expect it to be unlikely to find a UK lender to lend against a property in Germany, but I know of two friends who have both taken out mortgages in Germany against their German properties in order to buy properties in the UK. One was resident in GER, one is a UK resident. But the use of mortgage proceeds was limited to real estate.

    So maybe you can speak to some local banks in Germany if they allowed you to remortgage your prop in GER and use the funds in the UK?

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    Were those mortgages taken out before Brexit? I suspect that they were.
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