Metal crown vs gold crown

Hi all, 

This is my second post on a similar subject so please bear with me 😁

I need to have a crown fitted on a premolar, due to severe teeth grinding I have to have a metal crown and I need to decide between NHS metal and gold.
I hate the look of the gold crown and slightly resent spending next to £700 for such an ugly crown 😆 but I would like to understand how they compare regarding quality, durability, and most important fixing the issue (painful cracked tooth due to the grinding).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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    A non precious metal crown will need exactly as much tooth removing as a gold tooth , the preparation is the same , they both fix the problem and are both suitable for people who grind their teeth heavily. 
    Both will last as well as each other, all things being equal, a lot of which will depend on how good your cleaning, diet and wearing of any bite guards is. 
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    Had my platinum crown in for 18 years so far with no issues, i think silver looks better than gold as from a distance people might think your tooth is yellow with gold.
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    Thanks MoodyMandy45. I guess the platinum crown won't be supplied by the NHS but it's probably better quality than the NHS metal one and as you said it won't look as bad as the gold one!! :) 
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    Its something that can be seen when you smile.
    Can you not get a white one?
    I had one of those (praying for another) and while your tooth colour can change in future it does look real.
    Otherwise give a choice I'd go for platinum.......fighting the good fight myself at the moment thanks to a tough time and night tooth grinding. If I can't get white I'll go for the nearest.
    It's just important to look in the mirror and feel confident so for a devoted money saver this is one thing to spend money on IMO.

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