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I listen to audiobooks a lot whilst doing boring jobs, and I’m currently having to do without them again due to yet another pair of earbuds ceasing to work after less than a year. I had hoped that blue tooth was the way to go - no wires to gradually degrade with movement. But I have found the 2 sets that I have tried to be a major irritation - constantly dropping the connection, needing to be recharged after a couple of hours, and then breaking as soon as, or sooner, than the wired ones did. I am on a budget, especially as I can’t justify a large sum on something that might break within weeks or months. I don’t abuse my ear buds, in fact I treat them like fine bone china, but they are still so unreliable. I’m hoping that someone can recommend some that do last if treated well. I would be interested in both wired and blue tooth. I would spend up to £100 for really reliable ones, meaning that I’m not chucking more stuff into landfill than I must, but at the moment I’m disinclined to spend more than the absolute minimum, because it seems like a waste of time and money. As I don’t listen to music with them very much, sound quality, whilst desirable, is not the most important thing for me. 


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