Can anyone recommend a wedding photographer in Enniskillen?

in N. Ireland
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We're getting married next august in FlorenceCourt, Fermanagh, and we're thinking it might be better to get a local photographer.

Can anyone recommend a good wedding photographer in the Enniskillen area?

Thanks in advance


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    Some good photographers down that way -Douglas Armstrong and Raymond Humphries. Try ringing the registrar in the Townhall 02866325050 and ask for their numbers. Hope all goes well -Florencourt is beautiful!
  • Not a local photographer but we used for our wedding and can highly recommend them. They travel all over, recently had a wedding in France!

    all the best for the wedding
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  • Photography agency in Belfast are very experienced. One of the photographers family is from that side of town, so prob will travel. Check out their website - really nice guys.
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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. We'll be having a look immediately after christmas.

    Have a great one everyone!
  • Heya, Im a local photographer in the area and Im just starting up my own business at the moment, if you are looking for a cheaper local photograpgher I would love the oppertunity, you can check out some of my work at my new website,, although the site isn't fully up yet there are some examples of my work on there.

    Thank again
  • We used Michelle Newell Photography last year, she is based in Annalong, Co.Down, but was happy to travel quite a distance to cover our wedding, at no additional cost.

    You can check out her details at
  • Hi we had a really nice guy called Andrew who lives in Enniskillen but is from Belfast, he was so nice to deal with, the photos were great - not stuffy and posed, he didn't spend all day taking photos and we got our album really quickly. Check out his website on, he has a few photos of Castle Coole weddings on his website. I would highly recommend him.

    Good luck
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    Ken McBride in the Buttermarket is fantastic. Or for something different and whacky, try Pip Sides (find him on facebook) alternative style wedding photography and lots of black and white (I used to make his album covers!)

    There is also Gail McGowan whose work is fabulous, cant remember what she calls her business, but she teaches in a local school part time, if interested pm me and I will tell you which one!

    Good Luck with the big day!
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    Posts 6, 7 and 8 look a bit suspicious as well!

    OP (or anyone who is looking), I would recommend Suzanne Toal. She did a friend's wedding and the photos were the best I've ever seen. Not sure where exactly she is based but the wedding was in Lusty Beg so probably Fermanagh or not far from it.

    HTH! :)
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