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  I declared BR back in March of 2020, now discharged.

I have no finical links to my partner apart from sharing the same address.

Thier credit score is 999 yet they cannot obtain a decent balance transfer card.

Is this because of my BR? Ive read different things..



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    Morfx said:
    Thier credit score is 999 yet they cannot obtain a decent balance transfer card.

    Is this because of my BR? Ive read different things..

    Most likely your partners circumstances, credit scores are rough indications of your credit file but individual lenders have their own criteria.

    There are plenty of people who aren't living with discharged bankrupts who also can't get a decent balance transfer.

    I wouldn't worry, because there is nothing you can do about their unwillingness to lend.

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    Debts are linked to individuals, not addresses, likewise Bankruptcy, or any kind of insolvency, is an individual thing, unless you share a financial product with a partner, such as a mortgage/bank account etc, then it will have zero effect on them.

    You may benefit from a little research into credit scores, they are not really a thing over here, unlike in America, where your score is linked directly to your credit rating, in the UK, the score is produced by a 3rd party, the Credit reference agency, last time I looked they didn`t lend money, they do, however, act as credit brokers, so use the made up score as a marketing tool, in order to sell you financial products.

    The score they give you is representative of what someone in your financial situation/circumstances could expect to generate from a genuine lender.

    In other words its an educated guess at best.
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