Most Expensive Phone Calls

Back in the day, I was persuaded to buy one of those new fangled things called a (2G) mobile phone. It cost me £15 a month. I had it for 5 years and in that time I made just 3 calls. Thus each call worked out at £300 each!


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    I expect someone somewhere has had a phone call with an invitation to move pension funds to a 'much better investment opportunity'.

    Dividing cost by usage isn't helpful really, the cost covers the convenience and maybe the security of having a phone with you at all times. Can we put a price on that? Maybe... Equally I pay £12 a month for a music streaming service but some months barely use it. It's nice to know it's there though.
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    When I went on a cruise I was talking to a fellow passenger, they said their first cruise they used their phone as normal and was unaware of maritime rates and their next phone bill cost more than the holiday, they refused to share actual costs
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    To quote the old adage 'You pay your money and you make your choice'. You must have had a reason for going into the contract. Perhaps you needed to be contactable? Perhaps, you needed to have the security? Perhaps you prefer texts to calls? Who knows?

     Hopefully when you owned the phone after the 3 years you went Sim only and reduced your costs or maybe decided that a mobile phone is not for you. 🤔
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