E: 16/10 (3.00 pm) Win £250,000 - Predict 6 football scores (Super 6 Register/Log-in)

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Enter (Free to play) - https://super6.skysports.com 

Predict the score in 6 games and time of the 1st goal (0-90) to be in with a chance of winning the top prize (£250,000 but will go to £2m if more than two million enter). If no one predicts all 6 correctly, there will be a consolation cash prize for the player who scores the most points.

If you're not sure what to predict, you can click 'Stats' underneath each game for some help to see which way people expect the game to go.

"Challenge Jeff". When you have entered your predictions, click on Challenge Jeff and if you beat his score, you will be in with a chance of winning £500.

For the MSE league log in on the Super 6 entry  page, go to 'leagues' header. Click  'Create or  Join' button and choose join option using pin TFJCHL

Terms: https://super6.skysports.com/terms

Note, I'm happy to post these comps as I think of it, but I can't promise never to miss a deadline. If anyone wants to take this on regularly, feel free. If so, perhaps let me know that I'm off the hook.

Anyone else miss the chat in Compers Chat Corner? How about we try to bring it back?

{{{{{ Imagine ALL the people sharing ALL the world }}}}}
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