Prolific October 2021

Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind a quick question? 

I read about Prolific on here yesterday and thought I would join to see what it was all about. So far things seem to be going well. I "made" £6.96 yesterday, and have "made" £4.37 so far today, with another £24.94 awaiting review.

This seems an awful lot compared to some of the posts I have read which have advised its very slow recently. I am not complaining obviously but just wondered if the likelihood is its because I am new?

Its just "extra" money I am putting in to a little savings account so I am happy with whatever I can earn, but was just curious.

Thank you


  • shell16
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    Hi Hilbil

    like you when I first joined Prolific managed to cash out around £85, but now its very slow for me.  Im only presuming that this is due to having taken quite alot of surveys already!   The last one I did was 04/10 and then the time before that 18/09!

    Make the most of it!!

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  • hilbil21
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    Thanks @shell16

    I thought that may well be the case. Will get as much as I can just now lol.
  • ndf9876
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    New participants, particularly if they fall into a desirable demographic \ outside of the recent "TikTok" demographic influx (females ages 18-24) typically do really well in their first few weeks, because they are very high on the "naive" part of the NEAT framework (which is how Prolific assign studies to participants). As that wanes - and it will wane - you'll find you see fewer and fewer for a while, before (hopefully) getting a lot more again. This continues in peaks and troughs.

    At least, that's the idea - many participants have been reporting far fewer studies since the "TikTok" phenomenon, myself included. I hope it's not like that for you :)
  • hilbil21
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    Well I am still doing ok so far. That said its only my second week lol. 
  • jlemaitre
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    2 surveys this month for me. one on 04/10 and i just done one 5 mins ago. 40p and 18p this month.
  • EssexHebridean
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    I've been doing well out of Prolific the past few weeks - cashed out £20 early last week, and am now at over £15 again. I mainly do the ones you can do on a tablet too so am a little more limited than some. It really does seem to come down to the specific demographic you fit into - although more often than not on other survey sites mine seems to be undesirable so who knows! 
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  • tomvox
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    As a 60+ male I appear to be underrepresented on Prolific. I have a steady stream of tasks to do and usually cash out at £20. It works out that I'm doing that roughly every 6 weeks or so. I'm happy with that.
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