Foot surgery

Hello, I am having major foot surgery in the middle of this month and am thinking about how to get around afterwards.  I am having a Cotton osteotomy  which recreates an arch and a bunion correction too.  So will be in plaster for two weeks and then will get a walking boot for 4-6 weeks and very gradually can put weight through foot.   Thought I would get a second hand walking frame for much later on but wondered about a knee walker as well especially as am not great on crutches.
So, just  wondered if anyone has used a knee walker after surgery and how they found it or whether they just stuck to crutches and sticks. They can be bought for about £40 in Argos.  Would welcome any comment too  from physios  about best ways to get around am sure there are tips and tricks.  Not expecting much help from hospital as it’s essentially a day Centre Hospital ( private) where groups of London private consultants do surgery.  Prob be shown how to get ups/down stairs and that will be that!
Am dreading the whole experience especially as I then have to do it all again with other foot!
many thanks


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    I had lapidus procedure (bunion correction) on both feet 10 months apart, plus hammer toe correction on both 2nd toes.

    I had a pot for almost 2 weeks and a boot for a further 6 weeks.
    This was on the NHS.
    I couldn't fault them at any point through the process.
    They provided me with crutches initially but my balance isn't great and they swopped for a zimmer.

    Have they given you no information at all?
    Or will it come at your pre-op appointment?

    I went up and down stairs on my bum. OH moved the zimmer ready for me at the other end. It helped that we are both retired.
    I found that with the zimmer, I was OK getting about but it was a slow job as I had to hop.
    Obviously it was good that I had someone to make me coffee and food.

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    Thank you Pollycat, have sent you a private message
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