Italian wedding deposit

On 31st Jan 2020 I paid €6500 deposit for a wedding in Italy (30%). 

This included hotel stay, food for 3 days for 50 people, wedding cake, set up of decorations, Alcohol and the wedding ceremony. 

We had to change our date due to concerns over Covid 19 from August 2021 to May 2022. 

Since doing this I have become pregnant, so have two of my wedding party, several guests don’t want to travel with the uncertainty and and the logistics have just become difficult with the thought of travelling with a 4 week old baby. 

I have emailed the venue and they have told me there is nothing they can do and I won’t receive my deposit back for any of my payments. 

They never informed me of this being a non refundable deposit, there is nothing written on their website and when I asked for Terms and conditions I was told they don’t have them. 

I have tried to be reasonable and have said that I accept I will lose the wedding ceremony deposit, however I don’t feel they should withhold deposits for food, decorating the tables and providing some seating that I was charged extra for. 

I also find this more frustrating as I have paid 30% of food for 50 adults, yet I told them that several guests were children and they were half price. I was told that this would all be calculated at the end and would work itself out. 

As a breakdown I have paid 

-€2550 for accommodation (which they will get by rentals again) 

-€1050 for them to provide me with hay bales, rugs and tables

-€240 for use of there lanterns, blankets, pillows. 

-€180 for the ceremony 

-€2550 for 3 days of food

-€135 for cake (not something I asked for and was told it would be taken off the final bill. 

I have asked for a breakdown of costings on how they have spent my deposit and they haven’t been very forthcoming and they repeat there is nothing that can be done. 

Could you please assist, or advise if there is anything more I can do.



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