Bankruptcy approved now what

Hello there,

I recently had bankruptcy approved and I’m wondering if anyone is able to help advise on the next steps as I’m a bit unsure of what to expect even after reading what is online.

I had a call with an examiner which lasted about 30 minutes, they went through what I put on my application and asked a few questions. I did not have any paperwork beforehand, she said I should have received something to sign in the post. I said I have not and she advised she will get it out by email. I have now had the email and one of the documents says the appointment was an interview. 

No further documentation has been requested on this correspondence, can anyone tell me is that it in terms of what I need to provide or is there another stage after where they go into detail? I was expecting to go through my accounts.

My debt was just over £20,000 and I am no longer employed due to ill health which is why I cannot pay my finances back. I’m currently on benefits. 

Any help will be appreciated as I’m continuing a little anxious about attending a in person interview as I just don’t know what to expect.

thank you  


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    Hi send the paperwork back 
    If you're income is totally benefits you will not be asked to pay towards your debts via an IPA.
    Are you renting?
    Do you have a vehicle?
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    Thank you for responding. I sent back the paperwork today. Not renting, I live with family at the moment and do not have a vehicle. 
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    Then that is that, you had your interview, (all done over the phone, no person to person anymore) your income is benefits based, so no IPA, so no reason to contact you further.

    In 12 months you will be discharged, and debt free, well done.
    Ex MSE Board Guide.

    More than a third of IVA`s fail....fact.
    Could A Debt Relief Order help you ?
    Never pay a fee for a Debt Management Plan.
    For free non-judgemental debt advice, contact either : Stepchange, National Debtline, or CitizensAdviceBureaux.
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    Hello @sourcrates,

    Thank you for coming back to me. That is reassuring to know, I was feeling really nervous about the prospect of a face to face interview and having to account for and explain  everything I have purchased. 

    Nothing to hide but I feel embarrassed and emotional about the whole process and it is constantly in my mind. 

    Thanks again. 
  • I was in a similar situation to you in early 2020.  As sourcrates says, that's it!  Once your 12 months is up, get your proof of discharge and ensure your 3 credit reference agency reports are updated.  Your bankruptcy details will go on the Individual Insolvency Register and will come off there 3 months after your bankruptcy ends.  Happy days!
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