School catchments

We have found the perfect home which we want to make an offer on. However we are really unsure due to the local schools. 

The closest 2 primary schools are not ones we really want to send our children to. They are about 0.3 miles from the house whereas the 4 schools we would ideally like on our list are 1-1.6 miles away.

Just wondered what people's experience were with the application process and are we just unrealistic in getting a place elsewhere if there are 2 schools that close?


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    Depends on the admission criteria for the schools concerned, how many children they take, some only take 1 class per year, which limits to a max of 30 children for the first few years (KS1) how 'popular' it is with other parents, does it usually get over-subscribed? 

    You can probably find this info out on either the schools website or from your local authority.

    I will just add, even if it looks the perfect school on paper, the reality may be something else. I made that mistake, in sending my kids to my ex Secondary school which has an outstanding rating but the head changed and the practices the school then started up made one of my kids seriously ill. Please ask other parents about schools if you haven't done that and not the ones that never encounter an issue, you want to know how good a school is in dealing with a problem as well. 
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    Have you looked on your local authority's website?  They often have distance to school checkers, which show how far away they will consider you to live from your preferred schools and also from how far away children have gotten places in previous years.  
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    6 schools in a 1.6 mile radius indicates quite a built up area.

    You will need to phone the school and ask about their criteria for a place, as if the 4 schools you like are very much over-subscribed, then the odds of a place for a child that lives much further away is slim. 

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    I'd check with the schools concerned. Schools can take out of catchment admissions if they have the space. It just depends how many children of the relevant age group are around at the time. Are your children school age now? They probably won't know for children starting next September but you could apply although no guarantee. The school could also tell you if they're regularly over subscribed. 
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