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My Weekly Comps

I have emailed my weekly to find out about their comps as nothing has been posted for last 2 weeks and the reply I got was as follows

"We’re pausing the comps for a short time as we work on some other things. We’ve also just launched our Christmas website, if you wish to take a look? https://www.besteverchristmas.co.uk/


I’m hoping to have some great competitions lined up soon, though."

I hope this helps if anyone was wondering why.

@McLennan you can take a well deserved break from these one for a short while & Thank you for all your posts 😊

Also I would like to Thank everyone who posts these comps for us to do 😊😍😍😍😍😍

💖💖Love Comping,💖💖 In it to Win it.💖💖
💖💖If I don't win its not the end of the world,theres always another one to enter💖💖
💖💖Always be happy and congratulate those that do win💖💖
💖💖Always Thank the original poster where's possible,💖💖 Thank you's goes along way💖💖 Good Luck Everyone💖💖


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