What advert winds you up TV or Radio

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For me it is "We buy any car" I could really smack him.

I do it just for fun and whatever I win is a bonus


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    What competition is this then ??
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    I rarely watch TV so only have to put up with occasional radio adverts which i can usually just ignore - except there are some with annoying false american accents (just why?!!!) and there is another one with an annoying screechy womans voice - no idea what they are for though!
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    Advertising companies do appear to have changed tack, as annoying as all adverts seem to be now, the more annoying they are the more likely you are to remember them. Brand recognition by annoyance, the most recent for me being the ones with that couple that used to do daytime TV, I can't recall their names but they now seem to be capturing the aged products market.
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    JJ_Egan said:
    What competition is this then ??
    This is in Compers Chat Corner.
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    Anything with miming, I don't know why but it really irritates me.

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    Heineken adverts from 2001 were annoying and brilliant

    followed by

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    As with most things these days, when it comes to tv, radio and other media, I much prefer the older stuff than their modern counterparts. 
    I remember the orange phone advert-'the future is orange'. I didn't know what they were talking about. and the same applies today, a lot of the adverts I don't actually know what it is they are advertising. 
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    Go Compare and We buy any car annoy me.     Don't like any ads really, but on ITV3 they have a lot of JML adverts selling  strange stuff.  Makes me think of the cartoon Road Runner when Wile E. Coyote bought stuff from ACME.... 
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