Amicable divorce, how to deal with the house

After 15 years we’ve decided the time is right to get a divorce. We’re still very good friends and have 2 kids, so we’re trying to find a way to allow me to stay in the house with the kids without him suffering too much financial hardship. We both have an equal claim to the equity in the house, which is about £100k each, and no other real assets.

We don’t want to sell & split as this is the kids home and if possible we want them to be able to live here until they finish school.
I can’t afford to buy him out outright.
He wants to buy a flat for himself so will need some money for a deposit.

Between us, we came up with a plan that I would take on the mortgage and release £40-50k so he could buy a place, then the rest he’s owed could be held as a charge until the kids are older. What I hadn’t banked on was capital gains tax. Am I right in thinking he would be liable for CGT on the remaining amount?

Is there any other solution that might work for us? 

Thanks in advance….


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