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Plusnet YouView TV Service to end

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Thousands of Plusnet customers who have its YouView TV box will lose access to certain channels and features, including BT Sport, from 1 November as the provider is scrapping the service. But those who wish to cancel their TV and broadband contracts now, ahead of the shake-up, can do so penalty-free.

Read the full story here:
'Plusnet customers to lose certain YouView TV channels and services from 1 November - but you can cancel penalty-free now'

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    Martin Lewis tells us that we won't be able to record and pause live TV after 1st Nov but plusnet assures me that this is not the case and I can record freeview programmes and record live TV on my You view + box
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    Probably correct based upon the box itself .
    Wont record internet based TV ??
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    So who was right? Martin Lewis or Plusnet customer service? 

    The MSE News story on this in September was clearly quoting chunks from a Plusnet press release, so it should have been reliable. 

    Are pause, record, playback and scheduled recording still working?
  • Neil_JonesNeil_Jones Forumite
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    From 28th October 2021 we’re withdrawing YouView TV as part of our broadband services. If you have a current YouView TV subscription, from this date you’ll no longer have access to:

    • Any YouView paid content
    • Any recordings you have from YouView paid channels
    You’ll still be able to use your YouView box for Freeview channels. If you have YouView+ you can continue to record programmes from Freeview. Access to apps and players will also remain

    The Nov 1st date was widely reported not just on MSE but elsewhere too, but for whatever reason it was pulled back by three days.
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