Council tax account not moved to new address

We recently moved to a new address in March 2021. We contacted the council to inform them of the move and provided our new address. They closed down the old account and we expected they would begin charging automatically.

When we realised we weren't being charged we tried calling them severally but couldn't get through. When we got through to them eventually, the attendant mentioned that the colleague who attended to us didn't enter the new address but only closed down the old account. We are now in debt and want to know if we should take the full blame for this? 


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    If you pay by Direct Debit and check your bank statement monthly (as you should) then you would surely have noticed there was no CT payment going out.

    But it doesn't really matter who is to "blame", you will still have to pay the CT due, dating back to March.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    Do both addresses fall under the same council ? As far as I'm aware they wouldn't 'move' an account from one address to another, they'd close the account at the old address and open a new one at the new address. IMHO, you won't get out of paying the bill, as you should have noticed that you hadn't received a bill for the new address and that they weren't taking payments and queried it sooner. But if the council accept that they were told of your new address at the time and failed to raise a bill then perhaps they'd agree to spread the arrears over the remaining payments..
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