How to divide a shared electricity bill

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    There isn't one. You can delete your own content, but not that of others.
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    katyjinny said:
    I have recently moved into a house with a shared septic tank which is on my neighbour's property. The power is from his supply and the unit has a meter to show how much is used. He has just given me a bill for 1/2 of the units used by the septic system plus 1/2 of his total daily standing charge, which is more than the charge for the electric. I say I should only be paying for my share of the power used since the standing charge is for his whole house without the tank. What do others here pay?

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    One could examine the contents of the septic tank and work out whose is whose and then work on that basis
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    He is bearing the inconvenience (pun not intended) of the tank on his land - 50/50 of all costs I think is fair.
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    Presuming that the septic tank is powered off his normal supply then it will have no effect on the standing charge as he would have to pay that anyway.
    Pay only for half the electricity used. On a side note, how is he measuring the usage if its coming off his supply? 
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