Can MBNA (or anyone) do this?

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Yes we owe them money - we have agreed a payment. (as we have with all the others creditors)

Half an hour ago, they phone up and tell us that its going to take a long time to pay back the debt (don't we know it!), so what do we have to sell to repay their money! :mad:

He then went on to suggest the car (v old clapped out people carrier, family of 6), TV (bought 8yrs ago) our mobile phones (even Nokia's museum would laugh). He decided that all that should raise a few hundred pounds to help clear their debt. I said no.

And I am really angry! Can they do this? Its not his place to sell off my property! He can have my clothes though - my size 20 pants from Ann Summers would go down a storm I'm sure..........

So. Got my own back. Hubby lost his job last week, I don't work (sort of) so told him we were going bankrupt instead.

He sighed and said goodbye. I don't like rude people.

Which brings me onto another point. As hubby has lost his job, we cannot affored to pay back the £40k of debt we have. We had made arrangements with our creditors 3months ago to repay, but now that is not going to happen.

I run my own small business - very small, been going for 2 mnths and if I earn £500 a month I'd be surprised/lucky.

So - would I be better off stopping the self-employment and going bankrupt, or can I run the business and go bankrupt, and if hubby were to claim social security, were would that stand with bankruptcy and/or me running a small business???


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    The MBNA guy will be getting pressure from his draconian manager to hit targets and so resorting to underhand tactics.

    My friend used to do collections abound calls for a Building Society (not to that level though)

    Turn the tables and write to complain detailing what has been said, lay it on thick as it has obviously caused you anguish that you have written on here.

    Hopefully a bit of money will get knocked off what you owe.

    They shouldn't be suggesting things like that at all for a multinational finance organisation.

    Hopefully they will have call recording incase you have to escalate it further.

    They are no better than a loan shark coming in and taking your TV as this weeks payment.

    Negative publicity can be the order of the day for you, can see them not liking you telling everyone what they are like when people do get into debt trouble with all the "free money" the offer.

    The papers would lap it up, with all the worries over overspending in the country.

    I beep for Robins - Beep Beep
    & Choo Choo for trains!!
  • skylight
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    Thanks - I normally think fast(ish) on my feet especially phone calls, but this guy just knocked me off mine!!

    I am going to write a complaint letter first - I am worried what they might be saying to the "soft touches" out there
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