What's your tactic for avoiding salesperson pressure?

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As a teenager I was a terrible pushover and frequently let salespeople on commission pressure me into making purchases I wouldn't have otherwise. One time it was a man in the forecourt of a shopping centre who stopped me from walking by and immediately started showing me a range of makeup he was selling. He finished by putting a makeup bundle into my hands and asking me how many bundles I wanted. He'd been talking for so long I felt it would be rude not to buy one, so I gave up a large wodge of pocket money and went on my way, weighed down with unwanted eyeshadow palettes and blusher brushes.

Now that I'm older and have learned to be more assertive, those days are long gone. Now, if I encounter an overly zealous salesperson who doesn't like the word 'no', my go-to line is, "I'll think about it, thanks".

Of course this isn't all salespeople - but we've all encountered that minority of salesy types who really know how to turn on the pressure. So what about you? What's your tactic for avoiding salesperson pressure?


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    I worked in a role that got loads of sales calls and meetings etc. You get used to saying no and meaning it. 

    Honestly, it's not so much a tactic as a mindset. No. Just NO. I don't want it and it's not my responsibility to the other person to change my mind. So, no. 
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    If ever I enter a shop where I am immediately besieged by a zealous salesperson I stop in my tracks, smile sweetly and say "I'd love to have a look round on my own.  Is this a problem?  If I do need any help I promise I will seek you out."
    This has always done the trick for me.  If they had an objection when I asked if this was a problem, then I would thank them and say that, regrettably, I would rather leave.  Walk out of the shop and counter any other sales patter with "Goodbye".
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    Silence is the best bet! We are a business and get loads of sales calls. I just go silent when they ask for 'The Manager or the Owner of the business' over the phone and then hang up! 

    If I'm walking through the city and any charity/energy sales people try and talk to me, I simply ignore them. Much easer if I have my headphones on! Much the same when abroad and they are trying to sell stuff and hassle in the streets. I just won't speak and they then have no idea if I'm British/German/Dutch - they end up shouting hello in all languages. Silence is a killer for sales!!
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     Just say no. Sometimes I've actually welcomed a salesperson coming over to ask if I need any help. But if I don't need any help I just tell them that. Always have done that since I started earning my own money. Because it's MY money and nobody else is having it until I'm ready to part with it!
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