Hybrid inverters

I've been looking a little into hybrid inverters with battery and it seems that givenergy has a good developing Web portal and app, however I've been told that the maximum the 3.6kw inverter can do is 3.6kw combined solar and battery which doesn't seem a lot when some house loads can spike quite high.

The lux inverter suggests 7000w on the 3.6kw model which seems a lot more reasonable, is givenergy generally cheaper and that's why the rated output is quite a bit lower? 
4.29kWp Solar system, 45/55 South/West split in cloudy rainy Cumbria. 


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    Lux has been around for maybe 2 years, GivEnergy maybe a year, I dont think there's enough real world experience go say whether they are good or bad tbh
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