What MoneySaving fibs do you tell your kids?

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A colleague tells his children, "The ice cream van playing music means it has run out of ice cream." So far it's never been questioned.

Do you tell any little white lies of your own?



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    my mum told me one christmas that father christmas had ran out of toys by the time he got to our house as he had given them all to the other kids down the street and only had an orange and a small car toy left in his bag by the time he got to our house, when i asked her why the neighbours' kids got so much stuff and i didn't!

    she said that next year, he would start from our end of the street and so i would get more stuff  :D
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    I told my daughter if they had to advertise on TV, it meant the product was rubbish & they couldn't sell them...
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    As my daughter is now in her 30's I don't remember many of the white lies I told, but I do have a cautionary tale to tell.

    My daughter was diagnosed with Autism when she went to Uni for her Post Grad course, so mid 20's. We then found out by many discussions with her about her childhood that she took everything we said literally. So many of those white lies had really upset her as a child. She was in secondary school when she found out Santa was not real.

    I now feel really guilty about all those little things we say without thinking to kids :-(
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    When we went camping in France for the first couple of times we told the kids that they couldn't eat ice creams because it was made with tap water which we couldn't drink. 

    This was 1976 and we were pretty hard up, the exchange rate was dire but the shone. 
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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